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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jewell vs. Tanya: Rematch!

I first met Jewell Marceau at at a wrestling tournament put on by in 1999. Neither she nor I had ever wrestled before. In the competition I defeated her in the first round and then went on to lose to Venus De Light. On that fateful day I can recall Venus, who ended up winning the first place trophy, saying to me: "You are strong. At first I did not know how I was going to beat you." I had smiled at her comment and thought to myself: "You are stronger. I did not know how I was going to keep breathing." As it happened Jewell and I ran into each other about a week later on a different video set. She mentioned that she had gotten a bit frightened at the California Wildcats shoot when she had become so winded that she could barely catch her breath. Needless to say, both Jewell and I had discovered that wrestling is a great deal more challenging than it looks. I think our initial experience with it could best be summed up as "trial by fire". Undaunted, we both have continued to wrestle over the years. Now we have the opportunity for a rematch. Some might say that Jewell and I have developed a bit of a rivalry in this past decade. We both have a long history of setting our limitations, sticking to them, and burning bridges with people who have tried to cross us. She uses her little girl/Mickey Mouse voice and I act clueless when it suits me, but both those ploys only serve to disguise our determination to prosper in a tough industry that usually pushes most women to compromise much more of themselves than they had ever intended. Through it all Jewell and I have remained uneasy allies, periodically appraising each others' accomplishments to see which of us might be coming out ahead in the game. That type of competition is never satisfying. In April 2011, however, we are hoping to have a rematch of our original 1999 encounter. You can make this happen by contributing to the fundraising drive at Please do your part to give me another chance to kick Jewell's ass :)

XO Tanya


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