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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pat's Reign of Terror - Part 3

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Pat does not take rejection lightly. She goes nuts when a woman rebuffs her attempts at either romance or friendship. Sure, she looks mild-mannered and timid with her unflattering haircut, thick glasses, and ill-fitting clothing, but her outward appearance belies the seething hatred that Pat harbors deep within her soul. Pat likes to make women pay if they get a little too uppity with her. She spends untold hours, days, and weeks in her basement concocting strange potions that will enable her to control the minds of the women who have hurt her feelings. Jewell Marceau has grated on Pat's nerves for some time now. It's as if Jewell does not even notice that Pat is alive even though they work for the same company. Of course Pat does what she always does: she sets out to poison Jewell with a noxious substance that will cause her to lose all control of her muscles and end up frozen, completely and utterly at Pat's mercy!!

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