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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cheerleader Fiasco

Jewell did not make the cheerleading squad so she never received an official set of pom-pons. I took a sadistic delight in parading around in my cheerleading apparel and thrusting my pom-pons in her face whenever possible. The truth was that I only decided to become a cheerleader because I had been cut from the soccer team. Yep, you could say that I understand a little something about being a frustrated loser. What kind of idiot wants to stand around on the sidelines cheering for a bunch of men or boys or whatever they are? I, for one, want to be on the playing field in the spotlight, not relegated to the periphery like every other applauding groupie.
Since I was reduced to being an athletic supporter (is that the same thing as a jockstrap?) I felt entitled to try and make everyone elses' life miserable too. I'm good at that. It was so simple to perform oral sex on the bull-dyke cheerleading coach and get her to deny Jewell a place on the squad. Jewell danced, cheered, and high-kicked with all her heart during the tryout. was great.

Of course she eventually found out why she'd been denied her rightful spot on the squad, but by then the school year was just about over. The pic above documents a bit of the conflict that occurred on that fateful day when she finally confronted me..

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- XXOO Tanya

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