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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jewell stars in "Polished, Hogtied, Ball-Gagged"

Polished, Hogtied, Ball-Gagged

Who knew of the obsession for hogties and bare-feet, and jaw-stretching ball-gags? Well okay, us, that's who. Come and see no fewer than 3 of the sexiest women in bondage today, in tight, sensual bondage. Hear our own precious Michelle make the prettiest noises through her gags you've ever heard. These are great hogties, awesome struggling and undulating, and genuine hot hogtied moments. Stunning Jewel Marceau shares unforgettable ecstasy with us-- Paige strictly hogtied her, gagged her and ingeniously bound a vibrator inside her. Jewel reciprocated by screaming into her gag repeatedly while fucking herself into a multiple orgasm. And everybody's favorite, Talia Monet moans for help, expertly chewing on a pulpy rubber gag to pleading words you can barely understand. Gag talk is so sexy. All these girls are strictly bound and gagged. I had no idea that Paige could tie girls up in so many different ways. There must be 15 to 20 positions in this video. And foot lovers you will love watching their pretty toes in bright red toe polish, struggling and arching and wiggling to your heart's content. We're very proud of this video; it really delivers. If this is your cup of tea it's sure to be one of the best you'll ever watch!!

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